Math 5210 - Fall 2020
Abstract Algebra I

Instructor Keith Conrad
Email kconrad at math dot uconn dot edu. (When you send an email message, please identify yourself at the end.)
Office hours Web-Ex; TBA or by appointment.
Course info
Lecture T/Th 11:00−12:15 PM on Web-Ex.
Midterm: TBA.
Final: TBA.
Text Abstract Algebra, 3-rd ed. (Wiley), by Dummit and Foote. There is a list of errata for the book at Foote's website (scroll down).
Other references There are notes on group theory at the website of Milne.
LaTeX You can typeset LaTeX without downloading a LaTeX package by using the website Overleaf. If you want to download LaTeX for your laptop, a good LaTeX package for PCs (using Windows) is MiKTeX version 2.9, which can be downloaded here; download and run 'miktex basic installer' (it takes a while to install). In the start menu of MiKTeX 2.9 you want to look for TeXworks and use that as your TeX interface. (An introductory TeXworks website is here, explaining a bit about it.) When typsetting a document with MiKTeX 2.9 for the first time, be sure to set pdftex to pdflatex. As a front-end for MiKTeX you can use TeXnicCenter.

To install LaTeX for a Mac use MacTeX and as a front end use Texmaker.

You can draw a math symbol and see its TeX code ("deTeXify it") here.

You can ask questions about LaTeX at tex.stackexchange.

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9/1: Course begins.

Brief course description: This is the first-semester of a year-long course which will prepare graduate students for future work where algebra is needed. In the first semester we will cover topics from group theory, ring theory, and linear algebra. This corresponds to Parts I, II, and some of Part III in the course text.

Prerequisites: Students are expected to have had an undergraduate algebra course and be familiar with concepts from group theory at that level.

Course grade:  This will be based on the following weighting:

Homework: Homework assignments will be posted on the bottom of this web. Due dates will be marked on each assignment. During the semester you are expected to learn LaTeX so that by the end of the semester your last assignment is in LaTeX. No late homeworks will be accepted. Exams:  There will be 1 midterm and a final.  

Due Week of Homework Assignment
1.Aug. 30

2. Sept. 6

3. Sept. 13

4. Sept. 20

5. Sept. 27
6. Oct. 4

7. Oct. 11
8. Oct. 18

9. Oct. 25
10. Nov. 1

11. Nov. 8
12. Nov. 15
13. Nov. 22
None (it's Thanksgiving break).
14. Nov. 29

15. Dec. 6
Reading period starting on Tuesday