Dogsitting (2008)

In December 2008, while my landlords were off in Hawaii, I got to look after their dog Rusty. I didn't have to walk him (someone else took care of that), but I did feed him and let him outside to take care of dog business. Inside, as the photos below show, I did a real swell job.

The first disaster came in the living room, where I discovered Rusty was eating a pillow.

As you can see in the next picture, Rusty has something of an evil eye. Or eyes.

Notice the rubber truncated icosahedron (“Mr. Red”) in his mouth:

The pillow insides trailed off around the room:

About two days later I came across the second disaster, related to eggs.

There's nothing wrong with that picture. I'm just showing you that I was collecting eggs each evening from the chickens out back (another task, besides “watching” the dog). I went out to the coop and the chickens would hand me a carton of eggs. Okay, not quite. But the eggs added up. There was a small basket I used to collect the eggs and bring them in each evening. Here is what it looked like.

One day I left the empty basket on the counter, like in the photo above, and while I was away Rusty got up on his hind legs and swiped the basket. What do you think he did with it? Think about this for a bit, and when you have a guess, compare with the reality by clicking here.

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